Released on Monday, July 7th, 2014 

Bentz’ first EP, which can be found on iTunes, started with an offer no artist could refuse. Collin Carnegie, a talented musician and recent graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, asked if she wanted to record a song. Bentz, who met Carnegie on their first day of high school, had just finished writing Tampa. The timing was perfect. 


“We talked about the arrangement and he really brought the song to life. He’s good at what he does,” says Bentz. “Before recording, I felt pulled to share my music with people, but didn’t know where to start. This seemed like an answer.”


Loving the sound of the ‘just-for-fun’ track, Bentz asked if he would consider recording her first EP.





Clearly Undercover


by Jamie Anne Bentz

“Loss can leave you numb; sometimes, you might even refuse to believe it. I wanted to keep the melody and chords as simple as possible without denying the expression of the range of emotions I felt while writing. I was sad, resentful, angry, empty, and, in the midst of it all, optimistic. I hope that people hear the story of their own ‘Tampa’ while listening to the lyrics.” 



by Jamie Anne Bentz

“I have this tendency to avoid risks. Sometimes, I fear success as much as I fear failure, but I’m learning that risks are beautiful. They leave you susceptible to the elements, but lightning can be pretty.” 


by Jamie Anne Bentz

“Some people can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I wrote this after somebody told me that I didn’t know what I wanted. Songs are my favourite form of passive-aggression.” 

Jane & John

by Jamie Anne Bentz & Collin Carnegie 

“Since I tend to finish most of my songs in sporadic, ten-minute, inspiration-driven dates with a piano, pen, and a piece of paper, writing is something I do alone. One day, however, Collin showed me an instrumental that he recorded. For fun, I attached a melody to some lyrics I had made the day before. We liked what we ended up with, and I asked if ‘Jane and John’ could make an appearance on ‘Clearly Undercover.’  It’s the opposite of the dilemma outlined in ‘Risk.’ It’s a ‘ Hey, so…I know our friends wouldn’t approve, but I kind of like you. What do you say?’” 


The Release Party 

On Sunday, July 6th, 2014, Jamie Anne and her band (from left to right: Andrea Bentz (drums), Alex Brittle (bass), Adam Hrkach (electric guitar), Avery Bentz (acoustic guitar), Evan Wilson (electric guitar, percussion), and Andrew Barrie (electric guitar)) played a nearly two-hour set for a packed house at the Barley Mow in Kanata, Ontario.

The night was a complete success and Bentz' high-energy fans proved that they are some of the best in Ottawa. You can find 'Clearly Undercover' on iTunes for just under $4.00.